Speed Portraits.

What is a speed portrait artist?
May 6, 2024

What is a speed portrait artist? I prefer the term speed portrait artist to caricaturist. Here's a sample of my speed portrait work, capturing the likenesses of guests at events in my own clean line graphical style. These photos were taken at Liverpool Museum, Art Battle Manchester and other events around the UK.

Speed portraits are about getting a likeness quickly, and I enjoy chatting to 'sitters' for the 5/7 minutes we spend together. It's not just about the art, it's about capturing a moment, putting them at ease and making them feel special.

Getting an event artist is a great way to give attendees something permanent that they can take away as a souvenir. Weddings, conferences, conventions, etc. It's a quick win at any event. I'm available to book by the hour, or for a full day with a discount. All materials are provided.

I've got a performance background (in improv comedy), and use humour to help ease any nerves of those who want to sit and be drawn but are a bit apprehensive about it. In my experience, once the first brave few have been drawn, others are quickly drawn to ...bring drawn.

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Leading UK speed portrait artist John Cooper at Liverpool Museum.


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