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Engage your viewers with amazing animation. Explainer videos are great at engaging audiences. If you have a tricky-to-understand subject they make it accessible to all.

Explainer videos can be the traditional 'hand-drawn' style with a hand-in-shot on a whiteboard, or clean and technical animating data, whatever your content needs. From script and animation to voice-over and soundtrack. I can help you put together your story and tell it with engagement and impact.

Motion graphics are great to tell your story in a really engaging way. Whether you have a full project brief or you're looking to get some ideas off the ground, I can help develop your message with visual impact and style.

Putting a bit of colour and engagement into the thorny subject of child criminal explanation. You can see more on that project here.

A day in the life - autism awareness video for the NHS

How much does an explainer video cost?

The price depends on the length and the content of the video.
We start with a quick storyboard. This helps work out a price within your budget and gives you an idea of how it will look.

What choices do I have for the voiceover?

I use a pool of experienced freelancers and can give you voice samples so you can pick out who you want to use.

How long will it take to make?

It usually takes 2/3 weeks depending on the length of the video.

Explainer video storyboard artwork

Explainer video storyboard artwork


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