A brand is much more than logo design. Can you describe what you do in fifty words? How about 120 characters? Effective branding is tough to get right. It's the foundation of successful recognition. It's a representation of what the product or service is – what it stands for. A good brand tells a story.

I've been a senior designer with studios in the North East and North West. Dealing with brand management for some leading blue-chip companies. That experience comes with the understanding of the importance of a good logo design and all the other elements that make up your brand's journey and who people engage with it. Here are a couple of examples;

Graphic Design by John Cooper. Wentworth festival

Case study

Full-service design for Wentworth Festival

Creating the visual identity for Wentworth Festival, the full design service.

Branding for Manchester Fringe Festival by Rocket Steps creative studio

Cross-branding case study

Launch campaign for Greater Manchester Fringe

Character design, print and socials. Graphic design, and original illustration.

Rocket steps helps large, small and micro businesses get a professional look and feel, and has been doing that for over a decade. Advising on the aesthetics of branding so you can focus on your message without worrying about your image.

Creating contact sheets, and designing bibles and guideline documents, so you can market with confidence when your business grows.

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