Character designs

Here are some samples of character designs illustrations I've done. some are of real people like Wacky Woody and Inspector Crabtree, below and others are created from briefs. Deciding what style works best for the project is key to a successful piece. Are you looking for a character illustrations? Get in touch here.

Character designs of Wacky Woody by John Cooper
Book cover illustration
Manchester Fringe Festival illustration by John Cooper
Character design
illustration Arthur Bostrom


Turbine (our robot dog) says:

Character designs offer benefits in areas like literature, marketing, entertainment, and education. Character illustrations are great at conveying messages, emotions, and narratives. They can transcend language barriers and resonate with diverse audiences, making complex ideas more accessible and engaging.
They can help brand identity. Memorable characters become mascots that consumers associate with products or services, fostering brand recognition and loyalty.
Well-crafted character illustrations evoke emotions and forge connections with audiences. Whether it's through relatable facial expressions, body language, or relatable scenarios, characters can elicit empathy, laughter, or excitement, strengthening the bond between the audience and the content.
Characters are central to storytelling, and illustrations bring them to life in vivid detail. They provide visual cues about a character's personality, background, and motivations, enriching the narrative experience and immersing readers or viewers in the story world.
Character illustrations can be adapted across various media and platforms, including books, animations, merchandise, social media, and websites. Their versatility allows them to be repurposed for different purposes while maintaining consistency in branding and messaging.
In educational settings, character illustrations make learning more engaging and enjoyable, especially for younger learners. They can simplify complex concepts, act as visual aids in textbooks, or serve as interactive avatars in educational games and apps, enhancing comprehension and retention.


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