Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion graphics are great to tell your story in a really engaging way. Whether you have a full project brief or you're looking to get some ideas off the ground, I can help develop your message with visual impact and style.

Celebrating the progress made by NHS teams getting to people who've suffered a cardiac event. Crikey!
Putting a bit of colour and engagement into the thorny subject of child criminal explanation. You can see more on that project here.

I've worked on every step of the production process on one project or another. I work solo, with other writers and animators and also at the scripting and V/O stage. Using my performing experience to write, edit and when the need arrives, voiceover too.

Design Manchester

Case study

The University of Manchester's school governors' initiative.

Celebrating the award-winning achievement.

Case study

The princess and the neutral inclusion.

Science learning fun with the wonderfully named department of waves and materials.

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