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Creative design, graphic artwork and typography for websites, banners, brochures, posters and more. I can flex most budget, within reason. Get in touch for a quote.

Projects I've designed include slide decks to help presentations look really slick. Logos to get you noticed. Website graphics that make site's look truly unique, and not just another off-the-shelf design template. Book covers. Artwork for videos to really engage through social media. Bespoke icon libraries that you can use in any projects, to keep your brand looking consistent. Creative packagaging design for card games and board games. Any kind of print design such as brochures, posters or rollup banners for attention-grabbing exhibitions. I often combine illustration with design, which is a pretty niche service from a single designer.

Combining great design and graphic artwork to attract audiences.

I've helped companies across the UK and around the world stand out and grab attention. Providing 'full service graphics', which is the another way of saying, all the things you need from logos and icons, to brochures and banners. Online or off, I've got you covered. 

How do I get a great poster campaign?

With flyers and poster it's good practice not to view them in isolation. Flyers are often displayed alongside other flyers so they need to fight for attention. Knowing in advance the end placement for flyers and posters helps when getting the design right.

As a service, I can offer guidance on the best formats for your target audience. From concept to completion, ideas and pre-visuals are shown at every stage of the process to ensure the end product is the perfect reflection of initial design brief.  Reference sheets and colour guides are provided to make any new promotional material consistent and have impact.

I can also help with ideas generation if you're unsure what you need and want guidance.

Rocket Steps Graphic Design Services are based at Grit, the art Studio in the centre of Manchester, just off Deansgate.

Book covers by illustrator John Cooper. Graphic artwork


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