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Updated Apr 2024.

Graphic recording, artwork created by a live artist at an event

Putting on an event?
Do you want your audience to remember it for weeks afterwards on their social media? Try graphic recording.

Graphic recording is artwork created live during an event. It has other names like live scribing, live drawing and graphic facilitation. It's the process of capturing a live event as engaging colourful visuals.

Whatever the subject of the event, graphic recording makes it more engaging by having artwork created during talks and discussions. It's ideal for conferences.

Say you're putting on an event. It's a full day of talks and activities, your delegates leave with a goodie bag and a handful of notes. With graphic recording, the artwork you see created on the day is sent to your attendees after the event, as a visual reminder of what they saw and heard. Keeping your event in their mind longer.

Often the illustrations use good humour to get the message across, so you'll be putting a smile on their face too. Smiles are free. Seeing live artwork being created helps others get in a creative mood too, so your audience is buzzing and energised.

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Are you a visual learner? Live scribing is a great way to make your event have an impact on your audience. Opinions, stories and light bulb moments are captured and remembered for you and your attendees long after the event has passed.

On this page are examples from various live events around the UK both live virtually for hybrid events.

For live or online events, graphic recording / live scribing (it has many names,) is a great way to engage audiences.

John talking about an event;

"It's a challenge I relish and very much feeds the same part of my brain translating words into images. I must be present and adapt quickly to the visuals I create. If I spend too long on one drawing, the speaker might have moved on to a new subject by the time I'm done. Writing down keywords is good, but not too many, as a sheet full of words is just words. The goal is to find a balance of words and pictures to summarise the theme of the talk."

"There's a graphic design shorthand at work. I am connecting what speakers are saying with what images are commonly represented by the subject being spoken about. There's also humour, as I like adding appropriate humour to visuals. Just my opinion, though I think with more serious topics, using a little light humour can help with how people engage with sensitive subjects."

"Hard for me to be objective about my own work, but the responses are always was very positive. Attendees are often encouraged to photo the art and share it across their social media. It's a great way for them to remember the event and what was covered, but also increased the engagement and reach of the event as a whole."

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For anyone who is a visual learner, and that's quite a lot of folks, live scribing is a great way to make an event have an impact and let the information sink in.

As an illustrator, I'm naturally curious. I've created visuals on diverse topics such as wellbeing, fitness, and the dilemmas faced by those in the firefighting service. My favourite so far has probably been a talk on obesity by Dr Giles Yeo.

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