Full-service design for Wentworth Festival

Creating the visual identity for Wentworth Festival, the full design service.
February 22, 2021

'Full-service design' means 'we do everything'. From logo, branding and website, to social media, graphics, illustration and print design - everything. If I'm honest I'm not a fan of the term as it's a bit too broad and every client is different.

Wentworth Festival has been building its brand since 2017 and each year's look is fresh, vibrant and different, bigger and better than before. As with all the work I do, nothing it outsourced. Creative conversations are direct, and nothing get lost in translation. I wonder what next year will look like?

A logo, a poster and a quick loading responsive website that sells tickets, for a new music festival. I love it when I get a project that covers all design disciplines for great cross branding experience.

One such recent project was Wentworth Music Festival. Working with a client I've had for many years they said 'this is what we want, and this is the deadline.  It needed to be bright and punchy, but also put on show the spectacular venue itself, Wentworth Woodhouse. A large privately owned stately home outside of Rotherham.


The choice of font and colours were a delicate process of finding something loud and energetic enough to capture the identity and vibrance of a music festival, while also being respectful of the venue. Chatting with the clients while knee-deep in organising big name bands , I put forward a big-splash illustration. Working up a detailed sketch of the venue would show it off with a lot more vibrancy than a photo alone could achieve. There was also a tight deadline and go-live date. Four bold colour silhouettes of non-specific singers and musicians meant the pre-publicity for the event could be while waiting for the confirmation of the big names to come.  After sign off the graphics were reformatted for social media covers and the project was- quite literally - ready to rock!

With over 18 years of industry and design studio experience and a dedication to researching the latest design trends and web technology, it's not just about creating a look and feel , but solving design problems. JCU is more than just the final product, it's a design service.

Design is everywhere. John understands the DNA of great design communication and how to get you noticed. Rocket Steps has clients throughout the UK and overseas.

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