Connecting movers and shakers with artists and makers.

Chilled networking, chat and idea-generating discussion.
May 21, 2024

The next Art+Work event takes place on the 29th July at GRIT art studio in Manchester.

Connecting movers and shakers with artists and makers, ART+WORK is a networking event for both local artists and creatives and Manchester’s vibrant business community, to explore ideas and create new opportunities.

Join us for an evening of chilled networking, chat and idea-generating discussion.

The event helps businesses and entrepreneurs who want to work with creatives, and vice versa, by creating a super chilled atmosphere and frank discussion (it's hosted by a comedian). The aim is to help make networking an enjoyable experience for those who find it boring or intimidating and answer questions around working with creatives, chatting with professional working artists in the city.

You & yours.

On the week of the first event back in June, I was a short-notice guest on BBC Radio 4's You and yours programme, talking about side hustles. These are exactly the kind of conversations that were had at this event.



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