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Your website is made up of a database, contact forms, and email settings and these need updating every so often to maintain security and privacy standards like GDPR. For new clients, this is included in a website launch. After the first year, the annual hosting is £95. For this price you get:

Technical Support.
Quarterly Website Health check:
- Security updates on WordPress and Plugins.
- Contact form and email test to ensure emails are getting through spam filters and new protocols.
GDPR Compliance check.
Annual sitemap submission to Google and Bing Search engines.

When I do the health check, I'll take a look to see if there are any other ways your website can be improved.

I'm a direct contact for tech support. I'm not a chat-bot or an overseas phone number. I only offer hosting to trusted clients with whom I want to work. I'd like to think the value is in the communication. Solving problems and providing guidance and advice on new features you want to add to your website.

Digital Marketing services

SEO Content Creation

A 300-word article promoting your event, service or case study with a featured image. Fully optimised for SEO.

Discovery package

(Making your website more discoverable)
- Comparing your website to your competition.
- Identifying the best keywords for your website pages.
- Increasing page count and footprint.

Optimising new content

- Search Engine Optimisation for new content that's been added
- Image optimization.
- Site speed test.
- Mobile test.

Dynamic content.
give your website a bit of pop with animations

For more info on any of the above, just ask.

What is hosting?
Hosting is where your website lives. It's similar to space on your computer hard drive, that's dedicated to websites. It's accessible 24/7, secure and robust to many people can access it at any one time. Think of it as the land your website sits on, with your website as the house, your domain name (the www.) as the front door and your email as the letter box.


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