Website Design for Environmental agency 'Biodiversity revisited

I recently finished work on a new biodiversity website for the Luc Hoffmann Institute, and agency of the WWF. This website follows the themes of the institute and their work in the environment.

Promoting a fresh look at biodiversity by encouraging scientists and researchers interested in future sustainability to contribute essays and thought pieces to the website.
The site has been built in WordPress 5 with a minimum amount of plugins, to make it easy for users and contributors to create new content without getting bogged down in any technical maintenance issues.
The photography across the site has been sourced from unsplash and hive, the World Wildlife Fund's own repository of inspirational images.
The Luc Hoffmann Institute are a great client to work with, they are very clear in their aims and very communicative in getting their message across. I look forward to seeing this site build into a solid repository of knowledge and information on this subject.


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