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I'm now based at GRIT Studios Manchester, an art studio in the city.
December 12, 2023

Announcement! I have a base at GRIT Studios Manchester, an amazing new art studio in the city centre.

It's a new community of creative professionals from all different arts, design and crafts backgrounds, with years of skill under their collective belts.

This is where clients can come and chat about live art, illustration, design, motion graphics, websites and all the things I do, and also soak up the creative vibes. It's early days at the moment but I can already feel the buzz, with creatives joining and setting up their spaces.

Where is GRIT Studios Manchester?

Located in the Great Northern building, just off Deansgate, the studio is based upstairs in the old Barclays Bank RISE business incubator suite where I taught workshops many years ago!

This is the second GRIT, the first one being a very popular space in nearby Stockport. Big thanks to John and Sophie at People with Grit for making it happen.

It's not forever. As John Macauley said when I went to take a look at the space, "it’s not your forever space, but it is your forever community.” The whole building will be redeveloped at some point in the future, and that's fine. In the creative industries, change is an inevitable part of the process.

Connect, create and embrace this amazing opportunity as it's happening, right now.


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