Illustration for #Inktober

March of the Robots!

For October, I'm doing #inktober, a drawing challenge where artists and illustrators have to make an image every day. I did it back in 2018 and it was knackering finding the extra hours in the day to draw.  It has been this year so, on top of what has already been a stressful month, I keep telling myself "It's a great marketing exercise", and yes, folks have been complimenting me on them, so it's a decent enough distraction.

 This year I've kept it simple-ish. There are set suggestions, but I ignore them. Instead, I've gone for obscure or cult robots from British tv and movies. Specificity is where the deep dive happens, just drawing any old robot. So here we have the noo noo from Teletubbies alongside the alien robots from the 1960s movie The Earth Dies Screaming, which was loads of fun to draw.

I'm told one way to get seen on social media if you're an illustrator is to do fan art, and this is probably as close as I get. I like the more offbeat and obscure characters, drawing the stuff the doesn't get drawn, and some of these characters I'd barely heard of. 

Robots. John Cooper Manchester Illustrator