Illustration for the environment

Creating a busy environmental illustration for Salford Nature Guardians
October 18, 2021

A new charity got in touch, looking for illustrations Nature Guardians based in Salford. They found me through Creativepool, which was a pleasant surprise. Their aim is to help residents lead a greener lifestyle, and have a better understanding how small actions contribute to a greener better world, no matter where you live.

The brief was full-blooded and reminded me of the illustration challenge 'Draw 50 things', it was only 16 things, but still a lot to cram in. Flats and houses, people, bird boxes, electric cars, recycling bins, window planters and rooftop gardens. Here's the finished piece.

It had to be a birds-eye view to fit everything in, though my suggestion was to have close-ups of neighbourhood folks too, doing green things. This makes the piece a bit more relatable, but also the 4 faces were provided as separate pieces, to be used as needed, dotted around the website, etc, to give the work a bit more mileage.

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